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RS SpacebrothersThe Space Brothers are one of Britain’s most successful EDM acts, notching up thirteen top 40 hits in the UK alone. Ricky Simmonds and Stephen Jones have also been the driving force behind other major artists including Lustral, Chakra, Oxygen, The Realm, Essence, Force Majeure and Ascension.

Since they formed their first project – Chakra – they have released over 75 singles with independent and major labels including Armada, Virgin, Perfecto, Ministry Of Sound, Hooj Choons, East West, Ultra, Sony, Captivating Sounds, Xtravaganza and Warner Bros. In 2004, Ricky and Steve played a major role in the digital music revolution by founding the dedicated dance download store, which has since grown to become one of the leading dance music portals on the internet.

Their songs have featured on compilations that have sold in excess of 18 million units worldwide. Timeless tracks from their extensive collection include Shine, I Am, Forgiven, Someone, Legacy, Am I On Your Mind and Everytime. This year will see the release of new material under their Lustral, Chakra and Space Brothers aliases, as well as the launch of their new band – Exhibit L.

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The Good Strawberries – Eyes on a summers day


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