Fun Facts

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Fun Facts

Please note all this info is taken from the fan club list or favourites, and from interviews, and so may not be 100% correct. Please note this was in the late 1980s !!

Born: London 26th August 1967

Star Sign: Leo

Height: 5ft 5”

Weight: 8 ½ Stone

Home: Lives with parents in North London

Siblings: One older brother Danny

School: JFS Comprehensive Camden, North London

Pets: Fat Cat called Tiggy

Pet Hates: Spiders and Dentist

Qualifications: 3 CSE’s and 2 O’Levels

Hobbies: Song writing, ten pin bowling and playing the keyboards

Idol: Al Pacino

Girlfriend: Nobody regular – too busy!

Eats: Chinese and Roast lamb

Holidays: Usually South of France

Habits: sleeping in too often

Ambition: to get into films write a number one record, grow a beard so he can play Shakespeare’s Hamlet

Best Friend: old school mate Debby

Underwear: Jockey briefs!